How to install xci games on switch system 7.0.1

Require Tools

  2. A PC
  3. your switch micro SD card and the USB Reader

    Please use the micro SD card >32G and formatted to exFAT.

Require Software

  1. The new SDFiles
  2. NS-Atmosphere Programmer to update the hekate4.8.bin payload

Steps 1: get all the keys we need

  1. Unzip the SDFiles into the root of your switch microSD card.
  2. Update hekate4.8.bin into your Payload Injector Dongle. If you do not know how to do that, please refer this tutorial.

    You can also use the phone or the PC to injector the payload into your switch.

  3. Put the micro sd card into your console, and install the jig, power on the Injector Dongle and Plug into your switch, hold the VOL+ button and press the POWER button. When you get the NS-Atmosphere LOGO, release the VOL+ and POWER button, then press and hold the VOL- as soon as possible.
  4. Now you can get into the Menu Interface of the NS-Atmosphere.
  5. Press the VOL+/- button to choose the Console info.., press the POWER to select
  6. Now, we need to get the FUSE info and the TSEC keys.

    Select the FUSE info , and then press the Power button to dump them to the SD card

    Go into Print TSEC keys, and then press the POWER button to dump them to your sd card.

  7. Now we get the preparation files, the we will extract all the keys.
  8. Power your switch off, and boot into the CFW, double click the Album will go into the CFW, touch the menu HOMEBREW on the top of the screen , find and run the program Lockpick .
  9. Lockpick can get all possible keys from running process memory on 7.0.1 , it also can dump the titlekeys. It can get all the keys in half a second. You can press the A button to dump the titlekeys. Press + button to exit.
  10. After that, there will be a file named prod.keys in the root of your sd card, this file contains 120 keys of your system, you need them to install the XCI games. Please keep it where it is now.

Step 2: Install the XCI games

  1. Plug the SD card into your PC,cCreate a new folder named zerotwoxci in the tinfoil directory, and put the XCI games into the zerotwoxci folder.

    Please make sure the prod.keys in the root of your sd card.

  2. Boot into the CFW, double click the Album will go into the CFW, touch the menu HOMEBREW on the top of the screen , find and run the program ZeroTwoXCI
  3. Run the ZeroTwoXCI, go to Title Management->Install XCI->your xci game.

    Below picture will froze some time, no worries, please patient.

  4. After installation, return to the switch and play the games.