0156 – Winning Post 8 2017(Ja)


0156 – Winning Post 8 2017(Ja)


Release’s Name : Winning_Post_8_2017_JPN_NSW-HR

Game Serial : LA-H-ADYFA

Title ID : 0100D54003AAA000

Firmware Version : 2.1.0
Region : Japan
Languages : ja
Rom Size : 8 Go

CRC32 : 2B3D6E6F


This version offers the latest data from the Tokyo Yushun / Japan Derby, including the latest JRA schedule (Japan Racing Association), the Osaka Cup, and the Hopeful Stakes.

This Nintendo Switch version of the game offers exclusive features, such as the IR Camera, and the ability to play using only one Joy-Con. Regarding the IR Camera, it can be used to “scan” objects, when creating your horse. You could get a rare and/or unusual colour for your horse’s mane, including the white or zebra patterns available only as DLC on other platforms.

You can play this game with just one Joy-Con, and by holding the Joy-Con like a remote. There’s various shortcuts that makes navigating menus and the like pretty easy.

The Nintendo Switch version will also come with the DLC from the other versions included for free.

Finally, you will be able to transfer save data from one game to the other, allowing you to:

  • get bonus items and money in this game;
  • use the main horse raised in this game in Champion Jockey Special
  • use the jockey from Champion Jockey in this game.



Password : nswroms.com


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