[News] Kosmos v11.9.1 “The Top” is available

tumGER offers you a new update for Kosmos. This version 11.9.1 is entitled “The top”.

As a reminder, Kosmos is the worthy successor to SDFilesSwitch.


his update to many new features such as:
+ the addition of Goldleaf 0.3
+ ldn_mitm is updated,
+ CFW-Settings is updated with a new icon ( proposed by bernv3)
+ Kosmos update a new icon
+ etc.

Changelog v11.9.1:

– The Top Changelog:
This is based on AtlasNX/Kosmos-Atmosphere@0ce61c5 (0.8.3+) of Atmosphere



  • Updated Hekate
    • Added patch for svcControlCodeMemory that helps dynarec on emulators.
    • Fixed sleep mode when debug mode is on and official 6.X.X secmon is used
    • Added RTC driver which now also disables wake up alarm when Auto HOS Power Off is used
    • Helps when users that use AutoRCM inject and power off pretty fast.
    • Fixed GPU on Linux when booting from warmboot
    • Added missing fallback auto calibration of sd cards and plus some small fixes.
  • Fixed a bug in Kosmos Toolbox that caused crashes for some people
  • Synchronized Homebrew locations to AppstoreNX standards (As requested #182)

and most importantly:

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Download : Kosmos v11.9.1


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