[News] Lan Play GUI v1.3.0 available

The developer Aitor Rosell Torralba known as takashi1kun offers a Lan Play graphic interface that allows you to manage your own list of servers. This will allow you to add, delete, modify and update the servers, as well as the number of players.In addition to that, you are able to see the server.


To understand how Switch Lan Play works.

Only a shortlist of titles works, but it already works.


The compatible games that have been tested:

– Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
– Splatoon 2
– Pokkén Tournament
– Titan Quest
– RetroArch (Retrogaming {Hombrew})
– Mario Tennis Aces​
Changelog v1.3.0 :
This next release includes a lot of features, I’ve reworked almost a lot of code and now it should work smoothly like silk, I’ve also refined a lot of animations, solved a lot of bugs, added a new proxy setting option that was included in the last version of lan play, added a custom title bar, improved the status update of the server and….
INCLUDING A WEB GUI! Now you can control lan’s graphical game interface from any internet browser in your lan, which means you can control lan’s graphical game interface from your phone or even the switch itself, is similar to the webui thing, but better and prettier.


Download : Lan Play GUI v1.3.0

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