[News]Hekate – CTCaer Mod v4.6 svc available

The developer CTCaer has just released a new version of his mod: hekate – CTAer Mod v4.6 svc.

This v4.6 svc version fully supports the firmware 6.2.0, through an implementation of the HBL that allows you to download the USER or RAW partition of the eMMC.


Changelog v4.6:


New in this BETA

  • Added patch for svcControlCodeMemory that helps dynarec on emulators.
  • Fixed sleep mode when debug mode is on and official 6.X.X secmon is used
  • Added RTC driver which now also disables wake up alarm when Auto HOS Power Off is used
    Helps when users that use AutoRCM inject and power off pretty fast.
  • Fixed GPU on Linux when booting from warmboot
  • Added missing fallback auto calibration of sd cards and plus some small fixes.

NOTE: You can get the other files (lp0 library) from a previous release.

Download : Hekate – CTCaer Mod v4.6


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