[News]Rekado v2.6 available

The developer MenosGrante invites us to discover a new version of Rekado that passes to v2.6. As a reminder, Rekado is a loader of payloads written in Kotlin and based on the NachLoader code.

The application does not require installation on your device. The Payload of SX Loader is provided by default, unlike NXLoader, it allows you to quickly change the payloads by preloading them. You can choose the Payload once the USB cable is connected to the Nintendo Switch.



Changelog v2.6


  • New “Theme Engine” with custom theme presets and 80 new accent colors
  • Portuguese (Brazil) localization (thanks @DavidOliM)
  • Chinese Simplified localization (thanks @carlchina)


  • Improved: Payloads loading at first start (#33)
  • Improved: Hekate now marked with current version (and future versions of Hekate will also be marked)
  • Fixed: Localization errors in some languages


  • Updated: Gradle Android Plugin to 3.3.1
  • Updated: Gradle to 5.2
  • Updated: Kotlin to 1.3.21
  • Updated: Material Dialogs to 2.0.0

Download : Rekado v2.6

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