[News]Atmosphere v0.8.4 available

The developer SciresM has released a new version of Atmosphere that is now v0.8.4. This version is capable of booting firmware 7.0.1 and 7.0.0 without users needing to provide keys.

For those not in the loop, the initial support for version 7.0.0 was added some time ago, but it did not include a key circumvention algorithm, rather relying on a BYOK (Bring your own keys) approach.

These keys were private and only a few people had access to them, meaning that the average user was not able to use this feature.

Some time later, a minor revision of the firmware was published, 7.0.1. The update contained very few changes and TSEC was not affected, meaning that the key circumvention algorithm used for the old firmware would work on the most recent.


This algorithm is finally complete and has been included in Atmosphere version 0.8.4. The new approach is based on a Payload called “seven” which is executed automatically by frozen fuse if the CFW detects that it must get the 7.0.X TSEC keys.

It only adds about a second to the load without any user interaction being required. The new version is also accompanied by other enhancements and modifications, some of which were made to the repository some time ago.

0.8.4 is Atmosphère’s tenth official release.
fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.8.4.
The following was changed since the last release:
Support for 7.0.0/7.0.1 was added.
This is facilitated through a new payload, sept, which can be signed, encrypted, and then loaded by Nintendo’s TSEC firmware.
sept will derive the keys needed to boot new firmware, and then load sept/payload.bin off the SD card and jump to it.
Recognition of applications for override/mitm has been improved.
Nintendo’s official Title ID range (0x0100000000000000-0x01FFFFFFFFFFFFFF) is now enforced.
A deadlock condition was fixed involving libstratosphere mitm sysmodules.
Kernel patches for JIT support were added (Thanks, @m4xw!).
These loosen restrictions on caller process in svcControlCodeMemory.
set.mitm and fs.mitm were merged into a single ams_mitm sysmodule.
This saves a process ID, allowing users to run one additional process up to the 0x40 process limit.
A bpc.mitm component was added, performing custom behavior on shutdown/reboot requests from am or applications.
Performing a reboot from the reboot menu now reboots to atmosphere. This can be configured via system_settings.ini.
Performing a shutdown from the reboot menu now works properly with AutoRCM, and does a real shutdown.
General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.


Download : Atmosphere v0.8.4



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