[News] Retro Reloaded v1.36 available

Developer RetroGamer74 proposes a new version of Retro Reloaded which is already in v1.36.

As you know, this is a CFW for Switch based on existing CFW such as Atmosphere, ReiNX, and SX OS. This package will allow you to start a CFW as a boot manager, this is an All In One solution. (“AIO”)

In a few days the Bootloader has already evolved quite a bit as the latest changelogs attest.


Changelog v1.36:– Fixed: The sys-ftpd service file was 0 bytes, so it didn’t work. It wasn’t correct. This ftp service that works in the background will only work in Atmosphere.

Changelog v1.35:
– Update: Added built-in Sys-FTP. Enjoy the FTP always enabled by default. Of course, you can disable it if you don’t need it using RetroReloaded Updater Toolkit. You can manage many features from the toolkit application.

Changelog v1.34:
– Update: Includes a missing sigpatch. Now you should have no problems installing games.
– Tinfoil: Added a Retrogameur model. Thanks to Blawar.

Download : Retro Reloaded v1.36

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