[News]Aluminium Foil v1.0.0.5 available

The developer nosmokingbandit has just released Aluminium Foil, this is to discover an autonomous USB installation program at Tinfoil or GoldLeaf.

The application was developed to be able to communicate with the Switch, after installing the libusbk driver. This operation should only be done once, and it will not change your possibilities to launch the payloads.


Install :

Download Zadig

Connect your Switch to your PC and open Tinfoil. Access title management -> USB installation.

Open Zadig. In Options, enable List of all devices. Select libnx USB comms. Select the libusbk driver and click Replace Driver.

Your PC can now communicate with Tinfoil.Leave your Switch on on the USB installation screen.

Installation of the NPS :

Connect your Switch to your PC and open the GoldLeaf USB installation screen.

Open AluminumFoil.

Select a PHN and click Install.

Download : Aluminium Foil v1.0.0.5

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