[News] Lockpick v1.2.2 available

Lockpick, worthy replacement of keplez-Nx, is back with a v1.2.2 version. Many tools exploit the capabilities of Lockpick, such as hactool, hactoolnet/libhac, software management software such as xci -> converters nsp, ChoxiDujour etc.

Lockpick! is compatible with firmware 7.01, the latest one, it allows to Dumper fuses and tsec_keys but also to download the titlekeys and empty all the keys of the system!
Some tools like hactool, hactoolnet/ libhac, security management software, xci converters -> nsp, ChoiDujour (PC)…


Changelog v1.2.2:

– Do not overwrite the existing key file that contains the master_key_key_07
– Read eticket_rsa_kek from an existing key file in case the user only runs it for title keys
– Create a/switch folder if necessary

Download : Lockpick v1.2.2

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