[News] NSC Builder v0.81-d available

The developer julesontheroad has just released a new version of its NSC Builder tool which is now available in v0.81d.

As you know, NSC_Builder succeeds NUT_Batch_Cleaner, which serves as the implementation of its modified hacbuild.

NSC_Builder, Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder, has been designed around the function “REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS”, which allows you to erase the titlerights encryption of nsp files.



– Addition of direct generation without extraction of nca for individual processing (mode 1)

– Addition of direct generation without nca extraction for multi-content Splitters (Mode3)

Note1: Both modes support all patches.

– Fixed problems with special characters during construction by analysing user inputs and lists via python. This also solves problems with Japanese characters during construction.

Note2: this made the interface a little slower in some places.

Note3: The basic input in update mode and in the information functions has not yet been changed, so if you have any problems, please rename the file.

– The update mode (Mode 4) has been modified since it was requested for a long time. Now the titration lamps are removed from the base and the same patches (key generation, RSV…) are applied to the content of the base.

– Added a database function (Mode6) This is a direct reading from files and supports 3 nutdb, extended db and extended Keyless formats.Database data can be imported as CSV via an Excel data function or similar functions to filter data.

– Currently only applied to nsp and nsx. XCI support will come in the future

– Can recover keys from titlerights lamps removed nca

– Currently it does not work with nca of origin crypto standard (xci, custom)

– Exports to INFO folder.

– DLCs are named by number because name data cannot be extracted from them.

– Will support the extraction of DLC names from nut json files in the future

– Added a new information feature that simply displays the content identifiers of a multi-content file

– Added an option to check keys.txt in the options configuration (Mode 0)

Changelog v0.81d

– In v0.81-b, the deltas were always ignored when recompacting the updates of nsp files in the individual mode (which is the default option). This version solves this problem by linking it back to the user configuration.

– And in version v0.81-c, the configuration of the x64 and x86 versions has not been changed correctly, I hope this is the end of my series of errors in this version.

Download : NSC Builder v0.81-d 32 bits

                       NSC Builder v0.81-d 64 bits

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