[News] Atmosphere v0.8.5 available

Developer SciresM has just released a brand new version of Atmosphere which is now featured with the acronym v0.8.5.

This version makes many changes, starting with the addition of code support cheating in what the twelfth version of Atmosphere.


Changelog v0.8.5:

– Fusee-primary was last updated

Thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphere 0.8.5 comes with Hbl 2.1, and hbmenu 3.0.1.

The following has been changed since the last version:

– Support for the derogation content by title has been added, separately from the HBL derogation.
This allows you to use mods on the same title as the one used to run HBL.

– By default! I is used to replace the content of the title (this is configurable by editing default_config!override_key in loader.ini).
This key combination can be defined by title by creating an atmosphere/titles/title id>/config.ini file, and editing override_config! override_key.

– Content headers have been added for files embedded within the fusee-secondary.
This will allow rocket-free boot chargers (such as hekate) to extract the clustered components within the release binaries.
This should greatly simplify the update process in the future, for users who do not launch Atmosphere using fusee.

– Support for cheating codes has been added.
These are managed by a new dmnt system module, which will also re-implement the Nintendo debugger monitor in the future.

– The cheating codes can be enabled/disabled at the launch of the application via a combination of keys per title.

– The cheating codes are fully retrocompatible with the pre-existing format, although a number of bugs have been corrected and new features have been added.

– A HIPC service API has been added (dmnt:cht), which will allow the Homebrew user to interface and control the Atmosphere cheating manager. (Please consult the corresponding documentation. The complete client code can be found in the libstratosphere.)

– Users interested in interfacing should see EdiZon, which should support interfacing with the Atmosphere API shortly after versions 0.8.5.

– A bug has been fixed that prevented the display of the fatal Atmosphere screen on version 1.0.0-2.3.0.

– A bug has been fixed that caused the corruption of automatic backups of Atmosphere’s ProdInfo.

– Overall improvement of system stability to improve user experience.

Download : Atmosphere v0.8.5



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