[News] EdiZon v3.0.0 available

Developer WerWolv proposes us to discover a new version of his EdiZon program that now goes to v3.0.0. For those who don’t know it, EdiZon is a memory editor that works with configuration files.

Underneath this name is a tool very close to Bruno Giordano’s Checkpoint, namely a state backup manager, which allows to save, modify configuration files, but the tool also allows to have access to a large number of Cheats for example to increase the number of parts in Super Mario Odyssey.

In this version v3.0.0, the developer added the edition of the RAM and the support of the cheating part of Atmosphere 0.8.5.


Changelog v3.0.0:

A few hours ago, Atmosphere 0.8.5 was released and it includes an addition called dmnt:cht that allows you to load cheats for your games. Here is EdiZon which now has an integrated cheat engine like the RAM editor and acts as a cheat management tool for dmnt:cht!


The update is no longer functional! Please manually update this version!

– Cheat engine as RAM editor!

– Freezing variables in RAM using dmnt:cht. Works only with Atmosphere, not with other CFWs!

– Cheater management tool for the dmnt:cht of the Atmosphere. Only works with Atmosphere, not with other CFWs!

– reimplementation of the automatic update device. This is a radical change!You must update this version manually.

– Updates to configs, scripts AND cheats!

– Correction and improvement of the download of backup files. You now get a code that you can enter on http://edizon.werwolv.net . Thanks a lot to @Ac_K for their help!

– Many user interface and bug fixes

– Adding progression bars to many long-term operations

Download : EdiZon v3.0.0 


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