[News] Ken’s Labyrinth v3.2.1

The developer sacredbanana has just released a new version of Ken’s Labyrinth, this is v3.2.1.

As you know, in this game created from the open source port LAB3D/ SDL with textures and renderings to 60 frames/second is known as Walken. It is widely known for Wolfenstein 3D from id Software with the Build engine, the revolutionary engine that served as the base for the 3D Realms Duke Nukem 3D engine.



If you want to try it, download the zip file and unzip the Ken2 folder on the MicroSD of your Nintendo Switch. Then just launch it with hbmenu.

Changelog v3.2.1:

Added support for anisotropic texture filtering for Nintendo Switch consoles.

In three-dimensional infographic, anisotropic filtering is a method of improving textures seen obliquely. In the same way as bilinear and trilinear filtering, anisotropic filtering eliminates the effects of crenelation but improves these techniques by reducing blur and preserving detail at extreme angles of view.

Download : Ken’s Labyrinth v3.2.1


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