[News] Kosmos v11.11 available + additionnal Sigpatchs

The developer tumGER proposes to the Nintendo Switch scene to enjoy its latest version “Counting Down” of Kosmos, formerly SDFilesSwitch, which now goes to V11.11.

Managed by a Team named Atlas, Kosmos evolves again and not just a little!
The “Counting Down” version means that the team is a few days away from a major version, but it has to offer some features while waiting for this major version.


Changelog V11.11:

– Based on Atmosphere 0.8.5
– Update of hekate
Hekate now supports secondary rocket launch, which means you can now drag-and-drop atmospheric releases and use them with Kosmos!
– hekate now supports restoring your firmware from the FAT32 SD card!
– Addition of Lockpick_RCM
A new way to acquire keys is needed for modding and much more on 7.0 (Impossible via Lockpick Homebrew on 7.0)
– Atmospheric update
This includes a brand new memory editor (cheat engine)
– Support for the derogation content by title has been added, separately from the HBL derogation.
– Corrections of bugs

– Update of EdiZon
EdiZon now has a memory editor similar to the cheat engine
– Many user interface and tactile bug fixes
– Deletion of Checkpoint and ldn_mitm
Quick Explanation: ldn_mitm is not compatible with something that we will publish but that we have had to delay, sooner or later we will make adjustments and possibly add it in the package

– Checkpoint was removed after most major complaints related to the fact that we had 2 Homebrews that have similar (or identical) functions. We agreed with that, so we decided to delete it. We thank Flagbrew for giving us the opportunity to be the first to include Checkpoint in each package.
– Overall improvement of system stability to improve user experience.

Download : Kosmos v11.11

                      Additionnal Sigpatches


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