[News] ArgonNX v0.3 available

The developer Guillem96 has just updated «argon NX» in v0.3, as you know it is a payload loader for the Nintendo Switch.

With this tool, it is possible to start other rocket-frozen payloads from the SD card. The background and icons can even be customized!

If you use Atmosphere or hekate/ Kosmos, you can rename argon-Nx.bin to “reboot_payload.bin” and overwrite existing ones in the “atmosphere” folder.


– The background must now be upright.The new size of the bottom must be less than or equal to 720×1280. (for performance reasons)
– Use of double buffers for rendering to avoid sparkling and improve performance.
– Full touch support. Thanks to @pixel-Stuck
– Payloads are now sorted by name.
– Distribution of argon-Nx from memory when loading payloads
– Improved system stability to improve user experience.

Download : ArgonNX v0.3

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