[News] Hekate – CTCaer Mod v4.9 available

The CTCaer developer has just released a new version of hekate that is now in v4.9.

The implementation of HBL (Homebrew Launcher) allows you to take advantage of the USER partition and all the eMMC writing functions in addition to automatically start the partial dump (even on exFAT formatted SD cards), depending on the space available. It supports both FAT32 and exFAT.


This version supports the boot of ALL current CFW OS/CS, Linux and payloads. It also brings the end of the SD card withdrawal bug, and supports the latest firmware 7.0.1.

Warning: Due to new version changes, require deletion of sept/Payload.bin.

Changelog v4.9:

– Atmosphere Rocket Secondary Storage Analysis (FFS0)
– The use of “fss0={sd path}” allows the analysis of kips, exospheres and warmboot from a rocket secondary binary.
– The exosphere and warmboot are given priority if these entries are defined after that.
– In addition, any additional Kip can be loaded as before via kip1={sd path}/* for many, or kip1={sd path} for an acronym one.

Warning: Do not double kernel kips such as loader, pm, sm and ams_mitm.

– Support for restoration of split files through @emvym3two
– You can now restore using parts or FAT32. The only condition is that all parts must be in the SD card.
– It protects against false SD cards, bad sectors and frequent E/S corruption. In other words, ~100% of cases.
– Performance changes for backup/restoration/verification
– Aligned buffers will now increase speeds by a lot.

– Check is now set to Rare mode by default.
– It protects against false SD cards, bad sectors and frequent E/S corruption. In other words, ~100% of cases.
– Amendment of invocation order seven.
This is important, otherwise it can break tools like memloader.
Until a semi-usb init solution is found, hekate will display the bootlogo and allow you to go to the menu.

If >= after that, it will work in seven and will show the logo again without delay. As long as the reconstruction of the start-up process lasts.

– Version allocation is smarter for payloads update.bin and seven
– Now it supports Hotfix versions and is still compatible with older hekate versions.

– Seven is now updated via the hekate copy in the IRAM. This cancels the mandatory use of update.bin and always copies the latest version.
– Furthermore if seven/Payload.bin is found to be foreign, it is renamed and hekate takes its place to operate seven.After that, it renames the original Payload and continues the boot.
– The debugmode is now obsolete for the atmosphere. It is enabled by default.
– Some corruption bugs have been fixed

NOTE: You will need seven and a custom binary warmboot to start 7.X.X.

Download : hekate – CTCaer mod v4.9

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