[News] Nro2Nsp v3.3.2 available

The developer Root-mtx proposes a new version of Nro2Nsp which is updated in v3.3.2.

With this tool it is possible to automatically load the information present in the NRO files, just load the file by selecting Romfs, validating by Yes, this will load the meta-information directly.


Changelog v3.3.2:

– Added “Custom Key Path” to load keys from your own path.
Fixed missing file in resources folder
– (Keys.dat, Keys.txt and prod.keys) now all supported
– Added help icons on main page and parameter page to get help on usage / settings.
– Add the “Key generation” parameter in the Settings menu
– Addition of the LinkLabel theme
– Correction of loading error “Settings.xml”
– LinkLabel “Icon Database” added
– Deletion of the “old title title” of the parameters
– Updated key template file
– Added detailed path check on application side

Download : Nro2Nsp v3.3.2

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