[News] ReiNX a first build on 7.0.X

Another great and worthy addition to the short list of CFW compatible with firmware 7.0.x is now the developer Reisyukaku who offers a first build of ReiNX.

Attention, that you know right away, this is not a stable version, it is not yet distributed via the Github, it has been proposed on the Discord.


As now we are used to it, this CFW is based on the use of Seven, so the approach is the same as what we now know since the usurpation of firmware 7.0.0 and 7.0.1.

While most components should run properly, there are currently problems that prevent the standby mode from operating properly.

“7.0.X. This is a premature build/release that uses seven. Some games may not work because this is an earlier version, I just wanted to release a version as soon as possible, there have not been many tests. If you are not on 7.0.X, do not update until further notice. As always, bring all the bugs back to me and Rei. ” says Elise.

Keep in mind that this is a beta build and not a stable version!

Download : 700Release.zip

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