[News] NoiES v0.1 on Switch available

The developer Hydr8gon proposes to the Nintendo Switch a NES emulator under the name of
A project he developed to learn how emulators work. After reading numerous material documentations, he was able to carry out his project in an exploitable version.

Noies does not use any external code line or other developer, it is not perfect but most games work. The PPU has some problems, but that’s enough for most games. The APU is only in its early days, but it produces sound!


Of course, there is no reason to use this emulator compared to any other NES emulator for the Switch. The user interface has a file browser, the accuracy is still lower than it will eventually offer. If you want a complete experience, you’re in the wrong place, because right now darkness is still experimental.

Download : NoiES v0.1


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