[News] SXOS v2.6 Beta available for FW 7.x !

While Atmosphere has been available for 1 month for users in 7.X version, users of CFW SXOS were worried about it.
The TX corrected the shooting tonight, by offering a Beta version of the SXOS, v2.6 .

This version finally makes 7.X CFW.


This new version 2.6 BETA of SX OS adds full support to Nintendo Switch’s 7.x firmware, including ALL features expected when using our product. We have been the pioneers of our own proprietary solution to neutralize any future firmware protection and are rather pleased with the results achieved so far.

This version is marked as a beta version, as we have radically changed things to simplify subsequent firmware updates and some things may inadvertently behave differently.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t approved at all, so try your luck today!

Of course, we did not stand idly by either.Much of our development resources and attention has been devoted to integrating SX OS into these «incompatible» Switch.We are working relentlessly to ensure that the experience of the SX operating system is passed on to all those who are blocked by a “incompatible” switch.

Stay tuned for more news!

Download : SXOS v2.6 Beta

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