[News] DosBox dynarec work on Switch

The m4wx developer continues to advance the Nintendo Switch scene, he has indeed managed to run Dosbox dynarec on the Nintendo hybrid console. Rotating Dosbox dynarec means that it is possible to emulate certain operating systems and therefore certain PC games. The dynamic recompiler aarch64 (ARM 64) from Dosbox (dynarec) allows you to play Warcraft … Continue reading [News] DosBox dynarec work on Switch

[News] Amii-spoofer v0.4.1 available

If you don’t know it yet Amii-spoofer allows you to do without blank NFC tags, you no longer physically need tags to enjoy Amiibo. Amii-spoofer allows to emulate one by one the Amiibo you will choose, with the necessary Amiibo functions and files. Changelog v0.4.1: - NFC emulated automatically now, this will break the original … Continue reading [News] Amii-spoofer v0.4.1 available

[News] scummVM 2.1.0 r30 available

Developer rsn8887 has just released a fork of the scummvm version of Cpasjuste adding support for keyboard and mouse on the Nintendo Switch. Created originally for the game Maniac Mansion, ScummVM is a set of exceptional point and click game engines. Changelog v2.1.0 R30: - Added an updated version of @Cpasjuste’s Switch port, compiled with … Continue reading [News] scummVM 2.1.0 r30 available